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How to Unlock iPhone 7 Plus Complete Guide by Expert

Did you just brought a brand new iPhone for yourself and had no idea on how to unlock your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. As unlocking issues of iPhone has been arising from the earlier time. The service providers of the iPhone are still making you pay some charges for the poor network connectivity and also the customer services. In this post, I will teach you on how to unlock your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus.

How to unlock your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus (AT&T):

  • Step1: Switch on your iPhone 7 and then connect it with your Mac PC and launch the iTunes.
  • Step 2: for the screen to load the account set up and then you will have to enter the zip code of your account and also the last digits of the social security number (SSN), now click on the continue button to proceed.
  • Step 3: Go through the terms and conditions of the service for the AT&T and Apple and agree to it by clicking and continue.
  • Step 4: AT&T will be soon activated on your iPhone and then click on the continue button. Once your Smartphone is successfully unlocked, then you will be displayed about the confirmation on your screen.
  • Step 5: Now your iPhone device is ready to be used with any of the GSM carriers along with the supported SIM card.

Guide on Factory Unlocking of iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus:

Here are few guides on the methods of unlocking the software of iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Check out these procedures mentioned below that will instantly unlock your iPhone device. It includes the three methods out of which only the method 3 works out well.

Method 1: 

First ever, iPhone unlocking method that has been introduced in the market was the software unlocking. It appeared in the market when the first 3G iPhone series was released in the market. It exploited a hardware loophole on the iPhone which gives the access to the iPhone 3G users to shift to the device for any carrier they wanted it to. Unfortunately, the method did not last long the method was not was not approved by the Apple, and it was stopped until the release of the iPhone 4 which clearly says that either it was not good for iPhone 7.

Method 2: 

The second method of the unlocking was the hardware unlocking method as it was not that secure. The hardware unlocking method is one of the procedures where you have to pay some amount to the people who cannot be trusted. It is risky, very less effective rate with only 30% and has the high possibilities of damaging your device. Method 3 does not work out good as well as it was a very suspicious method of unlocking your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

Method 3: 

Unlocking your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus using the IMEI or the factory unlock is one of the most effective procedures available. An IMEI is one of the unique identifying codes which are used for breaking the lock code of iPhone devices.

Every year iPhone series are released in the market with a different IMEI number which is stored in the Apple database with some other of its identity features. Those involve the model number, color, year of the manufacture and the storage size. Apart all of all those, one of the most important things are when your iPhone device got locked up with the network connectivity.

How does the IMEI unlock exactly works? It works by changing the status of your iPhone device from locked into a network where is gets unlock on the database of the Apple. It is one of the safest methods to unlock your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus devices.


As I have mentioned How to unlock your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus (AT & T). In the mean time, I have provided above a guide on unlocking the software of the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Besides that there are so many websites available out there in the Google where you can Unlock your iPhone device, but I strongly suggest you to go for the for free iPhone IMEI checker and unlocking services of your brand new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

How to Unlock iPhone [6, 6s] Plus : Complete Guide

Unlocking iPhone had seriously become an issue, as it has increasingly become popular for its locking option. Actually, there is three systems or method to unlock iPhone 6, 6s. The hardware unlocking, software unlocking, and IMEI unlocking, among these three methods the only safe method is the IMEI unlock. Whereas the Software unlocking is a trick and hardware unlocking can effect on your warranty.

Now you might like to know, how to unlock iPhone 6, 6s with IMEI unlock method. An IMEI unlocks method will enable your iPhone 6, 6s to be added to Apple global database, which can be used on any carrier, which in terms will allow you to changes to any carrier, at any moment, without requiring of paying?

Unlocking iPhone 6, 6s with IMEI Unlock Method:

Unlocking iPhone 6, 6s with IMEI unlock method is the only safe method to unlock; this method is obviously the perfect method to unlock which you should utilize for sure. It is much secure avoiding all kind of likely problems that can be used for the lifetime of your iPhone.

How can we judge Unlock service provider?

We can judge the performance of unlocking service provider by knowing their range of unlocking, price, payment methods, customer service, speed, and success. Every unlocks service provider are not able to unlock iPhone from all carrier, and also some comes with an expensive price and some with cheap. Some payment methods are not that standard. So seeing over all these things we can judge the performance of unlocking service provider.

Selecting the perfect IMEI Unlock Provider:

Any services are not similar; same goes with IMEI provider. Some of them are of expensive prices, and some are at cheap prices. So selecting the perfect IMEI to unlock provider became a great issue. Now to get the perfect IMEI unlock provider, check out the listed IMEI Unlock provider for iPhone 6, 6s below.

  1. iPhoneIMEI- 9.5/10:

IPhoneIMEI is one of the best unlocks provider available for iPhone 6,6s.It is just amazing unlocking all three iPhone, in just a few seconds. It is little expensive starting from $29.90 and leveling up. This service supports is fantastic, where you can pay through credit card at any time you can also email the customers, at any time of 24 hours. It also ticks many boxes and has a great range to unlock iPhone.

  1. Official iPhone Unlock:

Official iPhone Unlock is another excellent unlock service provider available. It is very similar to iPhone IMEI that can unlock the three iPhone, it ticks many boxes and has the greatest range of unlocks. They are very quick where their most of their massive range of unlocks is completed in between 24 to 72 hours. They also have an email support as iPhone IMEI, not only that also the supports of the phone too.

  1. IMEI Codes:

IMEI Codes is the next service that you can choose for to unlock iPhone 6, 6s. It is very expensive 50% more than the official iPhone unlock but also helpful too. It is a solid service that let you unlock iPhone, and can unlock three of the iPhone. For Starters it might be little expensive, they offer a good customers supports.

Why should you Choose or select any one of this three IMEI Provider:

Choosing or selecting any one of this IMEI provider, will be the best for unlocking iPhone 6, 6s. As they have received a good customers feedback and reviews, having an email and phone supports where you can deal with them at any time of your days.

They are safety and secure for use and overall a good unlock service provider for iPhone 6, 6s. As I had mentioned that software unlocking and hardware unlocking could harm your Apple device, so should choose any one of these three IMEI providers instead of all those scam Unlocking software and hardware provider.

Now as you came to know about the three IMEI providers, which you can choose for unlocking iPhone 6, 6s. You can easily grab one of them to unlock your iPhone. If you have any doubts or queries regarding then you can feel free to comment us below.  In my next, I will bring you with more interesting and helpful post, related to IMEI provider and others iPhone related post.